el otro lado

María José Serrano, pintura pumpkin
pumpkin, acrílico sobre lienzo, 73x60 cm, 2018.
El otro lado, I want art to be, Mutuo-Centro de arte, Barcelona, 2018
las constelaciones silenciosas y el espacio que es tiempo, acrílico sobre lienzo, 73x60 cm, 2018.
puente del inca, acrílico sobre lienzo, 163x130 cm, 2018.

las manchas de la luna

casita del topo, acrílico sobre lienzo, 30x60, 2018
happens, acrílico sobre lienzo, 60x80, 2018.
enough, acrílico sobre lienzo, 40x60, 2018


Pintura de María José Serrano Londres
Londres, acrílico sobre lienzo, 73 x 60 cm, 2018
PUM, acrílico sobre lienzo, 73 x 60 cm, 2018.
cup of tea, acrílico sobre lienzo, 162 x 130 cm 2019


Holy no, no

Holy no, no, it’s a project started in 2017. As an Uruguayan living in Barcelona, ​​I felt the need to work on the cow. The cow has played a fundamental role in Uruguayan history. However, when I started working on it, my interest was not in looking for these roots. I began to be guided the suspicion of a fabric of stories and beliefs that are more present and expanded in everyday life than I could imagine. Thus, the interest was to focus on easily available information that I am surrounded by, press, internet, family stories, friends’ stories. What do they say? How do they say it? What kind of imaginary can be built? In this way I found stories that associate the cow with religious issues, with imaginaries and construction of identity about women, issues related to money … A series of connections of different aspects, that intermingle and go from the practical to the interpretative, generating a singular network. Holy no, no, was presented in Homsessions (project space, Barcelona, 2018) and PRINT.ed (artist book fair, Barcelona 2018). Selfpublication, 25 copies.

A la cuenta de tres, Homesessions, Barcelona, 2018

lo escondido no duerme

lo escondido no duerme is a small format artist’s book *. It is composed of a collection of short texts written intuitively and as a game of composition between meanings and signifiers. These texts can be associated with a reflection, not entirely conscious, about my artistic practice. Here I am interested in the small format for its intimate and direct connection with the reader, for the ease of grasping and reading it, because it remains very close to its object condition. It was presented in PRINT.ed (Barceona, 2017). * Self-publishing 25, copies.

lo escondido no duerme, 2018