I like to define myself as an artist whose base is painting. Painting anchors me and allows me to also experiment with other languages, ​​embarking on a path towards multidisciplinary work. In this way I find the possibility of playing with the abstract and the figurative through writing. I have recently experimented with artist books in small format, with their performative possibilities, and interaction with the public.

The origins of my artistic education are in Uruguay, the country where I was born. I trained mainly in artists’ workshops and independent institutions. As well, the education in economics led me to a frequent exercise in abstract thinking that is present in my work. Through these exercises, at the same time, the curiosity for the singular, for the detail lost in the search of what is general is awakened.

In 2017 I moved to Barcelona where I studied at Metáfora Studio Arts. Previously I went to workshops with Diego Piriz (in Casa Blanca school founded by Ignacio Iturria); Gabriela Acevedo; Sisto Pascale; among others.



  • MetaforaTraining Program, Barcelona, ​​2017-2019.
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts; Problems of Visuality with Mariangela Giaimo, Illustration with Soledad Hernandez, Image Design with Matilde Roseselo; Catholic University of Uruguay; Montevideo; 2016
  • Cultural Journalism; School of Cultural Management Itaú Foundation, Montevideo; 2013
  • Casa Blanca – School of art founded by Ignacio Iturria, Painting Workshop with Diego Piriz; Montevideo 2016
  • Casa Blanca; Workshop Reflection on the creative process; Ana Salcovsky; Montevideo; 2016
  • Gabriela Acevedo Painting Workshop; Montevideo; 2013-2014.
  • Sisto Pascale Painting Workshop; Montevideo; 2011-2012.
  • Casa de Berro; Painting Workshop with Alejandra Gonzalez Soca, Marcelo Romero; Montevideo; 2005
  • Taller de Formación Artística, Painting Workshop with Rosa Fourment; Las Piedras; 2002-2004

Collective Exhibitions

  • A la cuenta de tres, Homesessions, Barcelona, ​​Spain, 2018.
  • I Want Art to be, Mutuo, Barcelona, ​​Spain, 2018.
  • Arte en Obras, Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Pareja, Las Piedras, Uruguay, 2017.
  • 75 Años. Liga de Fomento de Punta del Este. Promoción y Turismo, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 2015
  • Entornos Saludables para el Corazón, II Annual Salon of Plastic Artists, Ministry of Public Health, Montevideo, Uruguay 2014.
  • XXXII Concurso de Artes Plásticas para la Juventud, Palacio Legislativo, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2013.

Awards / mentions

  • II Annual Salon of Plastic Artists, Entornos Saludables para el Corazón, Special Mention, 2014.
  • XXXII Concurso de Artes Plásticas para la Juventud, 1st Prize, 2013.